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90 day guide to your big day 👰🏼 Self care and turning into a MRS.

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Hello Beautiful Souls!!! It's Christie Pea herself sharing with you a beautiful 90 day guide to the most memorable day of your life.
If you have been planning a year ahead for your big day you have put yourself through a lot of ups and downs with family and the fiancé . It’s now time to get yourself feeling good from within and start beauty prepping for the most memorable day of your life . These 90 days will also go by very very very fast!

I wish I would have been able to do this sooner , but there is right timing for it all . I am so glad that now is the time because I would love to share with you what I know about getting ready for the biggest day of your life as well with setting the tone into a new stage in your life ... A married woman :) ! I have beauty and self care tips that you may already know of or might be a game changer for you . This is not a quick fix journey . This is a lifestyle transition into a more beautiful you . I can’t wait to guide you and see how my journey inspired you to take care of yourself throughout your journey to becoming a MRS’s. I will start by preparing you into this guided journey of reflection and reminding you how special this time of your life is . So get ready to dance your way to your wedding day feeling your best and looking even better!
Lets get started!!! I started getting a little nervous not knowing how to feel about all the planning and meeting everyones expectations. It made me feel very overwhelmed and sometimes almost wanted the big day to come and be over with. But wait a second... this is a huge memory that should be enjoyed right??? This will happen and you will remember me talking about how to catch yourself from going in toooooo deep and not being able to see the positive light from enjoying the planning. 
So, I started reflecting on the months that have past . 
I learned so much from my family and friends that are all taking a part of this beautiful journey with me this far. I started appreciating my friends and family more than ever. Let me not forget about my fiance. He really has been putting in the hours in planning our wedding day. As I started to shift my focus on all that matters in this beautiful union, I instantly started to feel relaxed and inspired. I shifted my attention to how amazing my closets friends and family have made these couple of months so special. The most special memory I have till this day was my engagement trip. It was planned by my best friend who knew for over 2 months that it was about to go down lol!
These where the thoughts that helped me shift my focus on all the stressful moments in planning a wedding day can bring.
- I focused on what my friends and family are doing to support you on your journey. 
- I did a quick REWIND down memory lane and felt when you where asked the big question... will you marry me?? 
- I reminded yourself to stay in the NOW...

- I meditated and meditated and meditated and meditated some more. Quieting my mind helped me remove clutter negative thoughts.

When I started opening my telescope from focusing on so many minor meaningless details, I was able to appreciate the planning my wedding.  

Being a fi·an·cé is not a forever stage in your life.. its a short time.. so you should enjoy every moment. 

This is a time to focus on all the good, even if there was a little of discomfort in the journey. 

This will allow you to prepare yourself to enjoy the next months planning and getting ready for your big day. 

On the following weeks I invite you to take the journey with me as I get ready to say “I do” . I will share with you my beauty regimens to lead me up to the big day . As well with some self care guidance that has benefited me through this journey.
I know you will enjoy the beauty tips and self care guidance of taking care of yourself through out this beautiful journey.
Having a plan of action will prepare yourself to enjoy the next months planning and getting ready for your big day.

Next week I will share with you how to program yourself to new beauty, health, and habits regimens. This is so fun for me to share with you my beautiful journey. I know I will not have another opportunity like this one, especially having you ladies follow me through it all.  




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